7 Monochromatic Rooms That’ll Inspire You to Double Down on Your Favorite Color

Never is the impact of color on an interior space more obvious than in a room that dedicates itself to just one hue. Naturally, monochromatic rooms are consistently the spaces that inspire us the most. Whether simple and white or an unforgettable bright shade of green, monochromatic rooms provide their visitors with an enveloping escape from the everyday. Below, we’ve chosen six of our favorites, from the utterly unattainable to the approachable low-key. 

This children’s bathroom is a vision of pink glory with a custom vanity designed by Greg Natale featuring a New York marble top from CDK Stone and pink Hui terrazzo sinks from Remodern. Photo: Anson Smart

The DNA of a Greg Natale project is always there—from an expressive use of rich materials and colors to an incredible execution of layering. For the artfully maximalist interior designer, the greatest result of any project isn’t merely having his signature touches highlighted throughout a space, but rather having his clients challenge him as he simultaneously pushes them into new directions. This dynamic was exactly the case when working with his old friend, her husband, and their three children on their house in Sydney.

For the three-story and five-bedroom new build—located on a cliff by the Georges River—Greg had the opportunity to work as both architect and interior designer, bringing his attention to detail to every aspect of the home. The project shows off the breadth and depth of Greg’s creativity while also being full of great passion and emotion. The interior designer’s good friend and client passed away soon after the five-year project was completed, but it carries her vision in every touch and mix of materials and colors.

Stepping inside the home, rosewood ceilings meet concrete walls and create an attractive grid that is enhanced by the brass-filled tie holes visible in each block. “My passion for layering doesn’t detract from the fact that I am a modernist at heart,” Greg says. His love of clean lines and distaste for clutter allowed for magic to emerge among the raw materials.

Beyond the rosewood ceilings and American walnut floorboards, a contrasting palette of soft pink, soothing green, and varying shades of teal weave throughout the house. The blush tones seen in sheer curtains, veins of marble, and the children’s bathroom tile add a contrast to the harder concrete surroundings.

A Nordic-inspired neutral

French fashion insider Clara Cornet grew up in a quintessential Paris apartment—a traditional Haussmannian home on the city’s west side, with moldings, high ceilings, and a balcony. But like most of us, when it came time to craft her own place, she wanted something different. After spending five years in a loft-style apartment in New York City’s Chinatown, she returned to her native Paris to look for “something less traditional.”

She fell for a place with an open floor plan, great light, and wooden ceiling beams in the Haut-Marais, a neighborhood in the 10th arrondissement, on the east side of Paris. “There’s a coziness to the architecture. The buildings are more narrow,” she says of the now very fashionable district. “They’re not as noble [as the west side] but I find they have as much charm, if not more.” 

She and her partner, Luca Pronzato, worked to meld their styles into a space that felt cohesive. “I’m quite eclectic while he has a much more Nordic approach to interior design,” Clara says. “That’s what makes the place feel special. We complement each other. I go for more eccentric, high in color. He goes for midcentury-modern Scandinavian design.”

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